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Phase array probes

Our phase array probes contain multiple coils, increasing the probe's total coverage. This advantage saves valuable time during inspections. These sets of coils can be connected, in groups, to the various channels of eddy current inspection instruments; alternatively, they can be multiplexed to enhance sensor resolution.

Phase array surface sensors

Our phase array surface sensors feature a blue anodized aluminium body incorporating a 16x1 multiplexer and switch (to toggle between HW-null, delete, pause and balance functions). A flexible pad lets users inspect parts that contain deformations (e.g. welds). A protective strip can be applied before inspecting parts with highly abrasive surfaces.

Phase array circling coils

Our circling coils can be configured to either provide circumferential detection over the full surface of the inspected part, or focus instead on a specific sector, to inspect a weld, for example.

Internal phase array probes

Our phase array tube probes feature a phase array sensing module and a conventional "SAX" module. The phase array module contains either 1x8 or 1x16 coils, for detecting transverse notches, or 2x8 or 2x16 coils operating in send-receive mode, for detecting longitudinal and transverse notches.