A dependable, effective quality management system


The quality management system implemented by Luziesa-Exceldef, in accordance with our ISO 9001 certification granted on 5 October 2000, seeks to fully utilise the Group's experience and expertise. Our document management and quality record control procedures ensure that all documents provided to customers are appropriately managed and ensure effective traceability of all our products. The quality management organisation adopted by the Group not only capitalises our feedback, but also defines a framework for continuous improvement and development.

Our approach

At Luziesa-Exceldef, we have never stopped honing our metrology expertise. We have implemented a documented management system and record the results of checks on measuring instruments (connected to national and international calibration blocks). We have also introduced an instrument check database, to demonstrate the precision and trueness of our measurements. Primary calibration blocks are verified by independent ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratories. To enhance product traceability, we use a proprietary database to record full specifications of our models and artificial defects. We regularly welcome customers to our premises for supplier qualification/certification audits.