Piston sensors

These sensors are used to inspect piston chambers in a static setup as part of an automatic inspection station. They are equipped with multiple coils, to allow zone-by-zone inspections.

Rotating-disk sensors

Rotating-disk sensors are used with mechanical rotation devices that operate at very high speed. These sensors use differential reflection coils for rail foot inspections.

Submarine propulsion unit inspection probe

These probes are used to inspect steam generator tubes on nuclear submarines. They are equipped with a flexible linkage that allows them to pass through small-radius U-bends.

Two-way probes

These probes have two axial coils for detecting longitudinal defects, and two cross-axis coils for detecting longitudinal and transverse defects.


These probes are intended for visual detection and measurement of indications on the internal surface of tubular products. They are equipped with an absolute SAX module to determine positions relative to spacer plates, and with a camera module featuring independently-controllable LED lighting.