Phase array surface sensors

Our phase array surface sensors feature a blue anodized aluminium body incorporating a 16x1 multiplexer and switch (to toggle between HW-null, delete, pause and balance functions). A flexible pad lets users inspect parts that contain deformations (e.g. welds). A protective strip can be applied before inspecting parts with highly abrasive surfaces.

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Pencil surface probes

Our contact sensors, designed for manual crack inspection or static installation in an automatic inspection station, feature a stainless steel body and a PEEK measuring head, considerably enhancing their service life


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Spring-loaded sensors

Spring-loaded sensors are the ideal choice for situations requiring a constant angle and pressure. These sensors are typically used for part sampling and for corrosion detection.

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Sondes pour alésages
Rotating probes for drilled holes

Our SRD probes are equipped with FISCHER 4-pin quick connectors, and operate using the differential reflection principle. Rigid and flexible versions are available, with a stainless steel or PEEK plastic measuring head. Expanding, variable and spherical measuring heads can also be supplied, to suit the customer's requirements.

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Triple-notched blocks

Calibration block featuring three 0.1 mm wide notches and depths of 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm and 1 mm. The constituent material is supplied and machined in our workshops.

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Drilled hole blocks

Diameter range: Ø3mm (H7) and up. Holes may also be machined straight, milled at 100°, or with a spherical mouth. Artificial defects: Rectangular notch, quadrant notch, vee-notch

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The E-Spin features a quick-connect coupling compatible with all rotating probes. It facilitates the inspection of all types of drilled hole. The blue anodized aluminium casing is fitted with a rotation control switch (with status light), an instrument extension connector, and a fault indicator.

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Inclined sensors

Twisted-stem surface sensors can be used to obtain an ergonomic working position, or to access hard-to-reach areas. This type of shielded sensor is characterised by small coils and a small-diameter casing designed for higher frequencies. They are most often used for detecting surface cracks.

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Calibration blade


#02.Kick-off meeting

#03.Part inspection on reception

#04.Design and production of special tools for producing artificial defects

#05.Artificial defect formation (electrical discharge machined notches, flat-bottomed holes)

#06.Dimensional inspection of defects

#07.End-of-manufacturing report


#09.Packaging and shipping

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ASTM E127-20

US calibration block featuring a Ø0.4mm, Ø0.8mm, Ø1.2mm, Ø1.6mm, Ø2mm or Ø3.2mm flat-bottomed hole. Ra ≤0.8µm (beam entry and exit). We can produce either the full set or custom products as required, in accordance with ASTM E127 requirements.

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