Exceldef | ECT Systems

Mechanical systems

As well as probes, Exceldef supplies mechanical systems to facilitate inspections.

Tap and thread extensions

Our extensions are designed to be rapidly inserted between the gun and probe for inspecting threaded fittings.


Thread inspection gun

Our tap and thread probe driver gun features a fully-integrated power and control system to facilitate the inspection of nuts and screws.

Inspection benches

Benches can be operated manually, or automated to rotate or translate sensors and inspected parts.


The E-Spin features a quick-connect coupling compatible with all rotating probes. It facilitates the inspection of all types of drilled hole. The blue anodized aluminium casing is fitted with a rotation control switch (with status light), an instrument extension connector, and a fault indicator.

Transmission hoses

These hoses are used to drive STC-RCV rotating probes.

Guide hose

Our guide hoses ensure that probes move smoothly between the probe driver and the inspected tube. Manufactured using tough, lightweight materials, they are designed to withstand pressures of up to 3 bars. Available in several lengths: 400mm, 800mm and 1200mm as standard.


The 2PP200 is a portable, lightweight (6kg) yet tough push-puller incorporating power and control boards for comprehensive functionality.

The blue anodised aluminium casing features an illuminated Power switch, a Forward/Reverse mode selector, five connector ports (AC power, Ethernet, ECT device, encoder and drive gun), and two probe status lights.

This unit allows the inspection of tubes up to 25m in length, at speeds up to 1m/s, with sheaths ranging from 3 to 12 mm in diameter.

Motorised sheaths

These high-torque motorised sheaths spin rotating probes at speeds of up to 12 revolutions per second. We can supply either DC motors or brushless motors for additional torque.

Propulsion sheaths

Our sheaths are available with M9 or M12 quick-connect fittings, depending on the diameter of the probe to be connected: 10mm ≤ Øprobe < 13mm: M9 connector / Øprobe ≥ 13mm: M12 connector