Automotive calibration blocks

Luziesa produces artificial defects for US inspections performed during production. Luziesa is equipped to produce flat-bottomed holes in diameters of 0.2mm and above, in any type of part used in the automotive sector.

Piston sensors

These sensors are used to inspect piston chambers in a static setup as part of an automatic inspection station. They are equipped with multiple coils, to allow zone-by-zone inspections.

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Pencil surface probes

Our contact sensors, designed for manual crack inspection or static installation in an automatic inspection station, feature a stainless steel body and a PEEK measuring head, considerably enhancing their service life


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Inclined sensors

Twisted-stem surface sensors can be used to obtain an ergonomic working position, or to access hard-to-reach areas. This type of shielded sensor is characterised by small coils and a small-diameter casing designed for higher frequencies. They are most often used for detecting surface cracks.

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