Tubular calibration product

#01. Engineering

#02.Design and production of a frame and special tools for producing artificial defects

#03.Part inspection on reception

#04.Creation of artificial defects (side-drilled holes, flat-bottomed holes, semi-elliptical electrical discharge-machined notches)

#05.Dimensional inspection of defects

#06.End-of-manufacturing report


#08. Packaging and shipping

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Rotating probes

These probes move through tubes in a spiral motion, facilitating the detection and sizing of longitudinal or circumferential defects.

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Flexible EC probes

These probes are designed for inspecting formed tubes. The centring cones are made with high-tech plastics designed for optimal friction and wear resistance coefficients.

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Rigid EC probes

These probes are designed for inspecting straight tubes. This type of probe may feature a PEEK plastic/stainless steel protective ring or front and rear guides, to extend its service life. They can be fitted with centring cones for improved centring in the tube. These probes are available with a sheath or a clip-connector.

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These probes are intended for visual detection and measurement of indications on the internal surface of tubular products. They are equipped with an absolute SAX module to determine positions relative to spacer plates, and with a camera module featuring independently-controllable LED lighting.

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Reference tubes for calibrating axial, RFT, NFT and ECT probes

Tubes with side-drilled holes, flat-bottomed holes, internal and external grooves, and notches. Plate simulation.

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IS/US 319.21 AC0 to AC5 blocks

US calibration block featuring Ø1.5 or 3mm side-drilled holes and a 2x2mm groove

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Transmission hoses

These hoses are used to drive STC-RCV rotating probes.

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The 2PP200 is a portable, lightweight (6kg) yet tough push-puller incorporating power and control boards for comprehensive functionality.

The blue anodised aluminium casing features an illuminated Power switch, a Forward/Reverse mode selector, five connector ports (AC power, Ethernet, ECT device, encoder and drive gun), and two probe status lights.

This unit allows the inspection of tubes up to 25m in length, at speeds up to 1m/s, with sheaths ranging from 3 to 12 mm in diameter.

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Internal phase array probes

Our phase array tube probes feature a phase array sensing module and a conventional "SAX" module. The phase array module contains either 1x8 or 1x16 coils, for detecting transverse notches, or 2x8 or 2x16 coils operating in send-receive mode, for detecting longitudinal and transverse notches.

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Q1 model

#01. Engineering

#02.Kick-off meeting

#03.Material procurement (with material certificate)


#05. Post-machining UT inspection

#06.Welding and cladding

#07.Creation of artificial defects (FBH, thermal crazing)

#08.Dimensional inspection of artificial defects

#09.End-of-manufacturing report


#11.Packaging and shipping

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