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Surface sensors

We supply a range of pencil surface probes for surface inspection of metal parts. All characteristics of our sensors - including their shape, coils and operating frequency - are optimised to meet our customers' requirements. The sensing element in all our sensors is encapsulated in protective resin to extend its service life.

Pencil surface probes

Our contact sensors, designed for manual crack inspection or static installation in an automatic inspection station, feature a stainless steel body and a PEEK measuring head, considerably enhancing their service life


Spring-loaded sensors

Spring-loaded sensors are the ideal choice for situations requiring a constant angle and pressure. These sensors are typically used for part sampling and for corrosion detection.

Inclined sensors

Twisted-stem surface sensors can be used to obtain an ergonomic working position, or to access hard-to-reach areas. This type of shielded sensor is characterised by small coils and a small-diameter casing designed for higher frequencies. They are most often used for detecting surface cracks.